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August 19, 2011

For the Win Friday

I didn’t do this last week… mostly because I am lazy. That and I was getting ready for a show. By eating Deep Dish Pizza.

It happens.

(It will probably happen again in a couple of weeks, to be honest).

Anyway, here’s a sweet iceberg

by Steve Bulford

Here is why we call it Shark Week

Special Treat

And these are pancakes made of awesomesauce

I can’t read Russian

and some equally impressive wall paper


seriously. Click that link.

Then enjoy this rainbow.

Apparently this is a chap in a band called Diamond Rings. I just liked his rainbow face. That’s okay too you know.

Also thanks to my dear friend KJBeads. This was totally us this week.

( MrBeads was the Elephant)

by Einar Norelius

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