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July 15, 2011

For the Win Harry Potter

This FTW is dedicated to Harry Potter, because I have been a fantasy geek since X-ragon coerced me into reading a Discworld book much to my chagrin. That was almost half my life ago, and these days, my pleasure reading is almost exclusively geekcity. And because like it or not, Harry Potter has changed the literary world as we know it. For the better I would say. Demand in fact.


Last night, I suppose in response to the haters, someone using the #harrypotter tag tweeted “There are only two reasons why you wouldn’t like Harry Potter 1) you hate fun or 2) you can’t read”.

That made me smile. Anyway, whether you can read or not, you probably shouldn’t read on if you don’t love Harry.

post secret

Words to live by


I kind of hate the Keep Calm posters. But I kind of love this

Actually, i kind of love a lot of her posters. I man, if you are going to ride an idea wagon, they may as well be awesome and hilarious spoofs.



Fantastic invitations for a HP themed party

Amazing (and i  will post the pottermore video too which has SPECTACULAR paper art!)


Clare’s Cupcakes

I love Kings Cross for this

by Franz St.

Of course, i couldn’t do this thing without a rainbow

(this is the bridge the Hogwarts Express traverses)

by Steve W’s Photos

Locally, we had some road signs hacked…


And this was found in the restrooms at one of the midnight showings last night.


And did you know that there are hippos in harry potter?

that took forever by the way!




Thank you Miss Rowling. We will always return.


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