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June 3, 2011

For the Win Friday


I am going to start with an oldie, but a goodies – that my friend Tina inadvertently reminded me of yesterday.

Where the Hell is Matt


I thought this was adorable.

Sarah and Allen


Have you ever googled “Horse Bike”. Probably not. You should though. I could seriously do a whole FTW Friday on what I found. But I will limit it to this vintage wonder… for now.

Metz Bicycle Museum

I was just thinking what a great word museum is. A place to be inspired.

Which is actually a great segue to a gorgeous library find…

via Letters of Note (you should read that blog post).

Best kitty pic!

by peter_hasselbom


If you don’t know, I have an irrational fear of eyes with no pupils. So this freaks the fuck out of me. But I also find it very cool. So torn!

via Uncommon Goods

Did I show you this yet? KJ sent it to me a milion years ago.

Bake In a Cake


And that picture is the perfect amuse bouche to this tidbit from Sebby.

by duapicks

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For the Win (sorta) Friday | home | For the Win Friday