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May 13, 2011

For the Win Friday

I should probably do one of these things, huh? Its not for a lack of material, but for a lack of time to sit down for five minutes.

Plus, you can blame kjbeads for the lack of post last week :p


It’s Not My Fault!


by Igor Siwanowicz

by  Jutta234

Just in case you didn’t know…


by loncakes


Seriously, how fucking awesome is this bookshelf?


artist sebastian errazuriz


This is terrible, but hilarious. And it’s not like you don;t know that I am a black gay jesus loving heathen by now anyways.



from someecards

later tates!



P.S. Didn’t think I’d leave you without a rainbow or a food pic did you?


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For the Win Friday | home | For the Win (sorta) Friday