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April 8, 2011

The Secret to the Ultimate Cupcake

SO last week I failed at FTW Friday. She here is a special edition epic win for everyone Friday post.

So, a couple of weeks ago, I saw this amazing cake by Not Martha. A rainbow bundt! Amazing!

But… I don’t know if giant donut shaped cakes are an American thing, but I have never had such a pan in my life, and don’t really feel the need for one. So I started to wonder, how can you get the same rainbow arch in a cupcake. Hrm. You can’t work upside down, using Not Marthas ingenous method, when working with cupcakes.

The answer was really quite obvious when I thought about it.

Turkey baster!

Anyway, here are some crappy pics we took in the semidark corner which is out kitchen.

I am pretty sure that you guys know the multi colour cake drill by now so I am not going to break it down. But if you need more detailed instuctions on coloured batter cakes, I highly suggest going to Not Martha’s or Whisk Kids‘s blogs for the lowdown.

Not only do they provide great instructions – but they don’t take their photos in dungeonesque lighting – which I know I appreciate a whole lot more than these poor excuses for photos that I am about to share.

I will suggest though that the batter needs to be thicker than usual cake batter in order for the following to work. I completely removed the water from my recipe, and decreased the oil in order to make the batter thicker.

Okay… review the science of colourful batter NOW!

Keep in mind, you need progressively more of each colour. And the “colour” you need the most is the uncoloured batter.

Okay. So, here is the trick.

Start by filling a ziplock sandwich bag with the plain batter and snip a little bit off the corner. Pipe a little squiggle right down the middle of each cupcake patty. Um, do they call them patties here? I dont think they do. I don’t know what you guys call those things. The paper cup things. Um, yeh… picture worth 1000 words moment. Do what I am doing above!  Anyway, this is going to make your rainbow arch archy.

Okay time for fun! You need one of those inject-able turkey baster things. They are a couple of bucks at the grocery store. You do not use the needle-ish bit, just the syringe. I will warn you that if you have any lumps in your batter, this may be a pain in the butt, so main sure the batter is smooth before you put it in the syringe.

The syringe will give you great control for carefully piping the purple batter back and forth over the top of the arch. Try to stay as tightly to the arch as you can, but make sure the batter goes all the way to the bottom of the patty.

Then do the blue… and the green…yellow…orange… red…

And finish by topping off the coloured batter with that ziplock full of plain stuff.

Its okay if some red shows through… i promise.

Because they will come out looking like this. And you will wonder how on earth there is purple at the top and think you screwed up then you will cut the cake in half and it will make no sense at all because the purple is still at the bottom inside the cake.

Yeh, I don’t know either. There are some things in life that are supposed to be mysterious I guess.

Frost those babies up… then use the excuse that you want to know if you got a good rainbow to bite into every single one of them!

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