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March 4, 2011

For the Win Friday


by Glen.m

Hopefully this week will make up for the kind of half assy efforts i have put in the last couple of weeks. Last semester of undergrad is awesome!

I don’t think I have a lot to say about this weeks collection. Just beauty happy shiny in your pants things. That’s good too, right?

No. That’s fabulous.


Stewart Cohen


but I cannot find the source!!!

(stupid tumblrkids)

Sometimes I find things that remind me of people that probably don’t read this. Like this reminds me of Staceyface



And this made me think of what would happen if Cutesy but not Cutesy and PearsonMaron had a lovechild.


by WinterArtwork


And this is for someone I know does…

by Buck Forester


not sure


Tim Noble and Sue Webster make scultures that look like a pile of shit. But when a spotlight is shined on them, they make the most AMAZING shadows. I mean, really?! How fucking awesome is that?!


You know what is coming, don’t you?


Yeh, I know…


But they are so freaking cute!

by Spearmint Baby

No. Wait, it get’s better!

Fuck Yes Rainbow Pancakes!

by Sweet Nicks


No. No. Wait for it.

by Jim’s Pancakes

If it had been a rainbow unicorn, I would have probably jizzed my pants.


I tweeted this, but it bears repeating. I google image’d “Show me something beautiful” and one of Jen’s scupltures came up.

I miss hanging with Jen.I’d swear here, but you all know what I am thinking.

by Jennifer Maestre


You know, I am not even done with all the thing’s I have collected this week. But I think I will stop. I have already shoved enough awesome in your pants for one week.


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