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December 17, 2010

For the Win Friday

Well the one good thing about my skipping two weeks in a row is you get a whole lot of goodness this week!

Like birds that do the splits


Tree’s with leaf scars which make me laugh hysterically




teeny tiny terrapene



Disney Fail


Zoombies which are WAY more awesome than Pillow Pets

I mean, it’s a pillow, it’s a pet and it’s a blanket AND it’s the freaking hungry caterpillar (they have a hippo one too)


pretty tree


mandrake cake!


Speaking of Harry Potter I found this fanfic that was a little different but very clever.

Essentially the author took mother goose rhymes and reworded them to HP themes. Here is my fave

Sing a Song of Hogwarts
(Sing a song of sixpence)

Sing a song of Hogwarts, completely out of tune,
Hide a magic mirror in a secret room;
First you get past Fluffy, then the Devil’s Snare,
Then you chase the key-birds that are flying through the air.
The king is on the chessboard, you play your way across,
The troll’s already knocked out, you pass him with no loss,
The poison’s in the bottles, the end one gets you through,
And just beyond the purple flames, Quirrell waits for you.

read more here

The Lonely Life of Lawrence Lemon


and finally

drawing the short straw at zappos


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