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October 29, 2010

For the Win Friday

As some of you already know, I blew out a tire this week and wrecked the crap out of my car. Which meant that, although I didn’t really have time for it, I spent a lot of time having a personal pity party – which mostly meant wallowing on the couch looking for cute shit on the internet. So here it comes…

I might be peaking prematurely, but after afore mentioned bullshittery, this was the first thing that really cheered me up

Sadly, I don’t have a link for David/ Daniel (not sure) :(

Hilarious Etsy Shop

source: potatoheadcook

Umm, I like ducks

source: FocusGallery

But, I especially like JesusDucks

Ducks on Ice

source: Per

I also like goats.


source: Dit

I don’t like giraffes all that much (thier name is too hard to spell). But this is damn adorable

source: zooborns

Okay I think I might be done with the cute animals. So here’s what I had before I started sulking.

Amazing teeny sculpture!

source: Dalton Ghetti

And from teeny to ginormous

source: Jonna Pohjalainen

And a big arse clothes pin (yeh I call them pins, so what)

Exposition d'Art contemporain dans le parc de Chaudfontaine (Belgique)

source: MrMarsupilami (photo) Mehmet Ali Uysal (Installation Artist)

Stop motion… yay!

And lastly, I hear a bunch of my friends are having a get together this weekend… so this bacon narwhal raises its ‘corn to the sanity.

BCN From Above

with instructions!

source: safetyfist

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