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October 15, 2010

FTW Friday Hooray!

TGIF, right?

Ready to get geeky and gleeky and um, well I don;t really have anything particularly gay to share… oh, I bet I could find something.

Okay, on to the geeky

Yay, science! Aerogel is like a solid foam, it’s almost completely air, but it can hold a brick,and act as a barrier between heat. It’s just weird sciencey weirdness.

source: NASA

More geek… wanty wanty geek!

source: Book Book Case

Are seamonsters geeky? The people this pic reminded me of ( PearsonMaron and tinaseamonster) are kinda geeky. So I say yes.

source: Ross Zietz

Then came the Gleek

source: Diamonds for Dessert

And seriously, she posted instructions so you can be a little more fangirl/boy than is healthy about glee too. Or you can enjoy the cookies in passing, like I did.

Speaking of Glee, did this blow anyone elses mind?

source: Zap2it

I was 100% convinced they digitally editted that footage to make Coffer look younger. I cannot believe how much that child is a Kurt mini-me!

Okay…hmm… something gay.

How about…

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