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September 17, 2010

For The Win Friday

I’m still not back in the saddle after having an AWESOME weekend at Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago.

Speaking of which, I think I should start this weeks FTW Friday with a shoutout to our fabulous booth-neighbours Souldiers

Souldier belts

While we are talking about Chicago. Look, me and the Bean.

Haha, I lied, this is the only photo in the history of the bean that doesn’t have the photographer as a subject. I’m gifted like that.

Okay, what else do I have. I think I will save my other commentary on the AIC for next week. Mostly because I am lazy and don’t know the names of the artists I want to reference.

So here is some stuff that I already know the sources for…

source: Kubawojewoda

The stop motion artist PES has something for everyone. Really. And that includes furniture porn.

Another Africa picture I found hippo hunting.

source: Wild Images Photography

I got this from the Renegade Handmade blog. I can’t follow the breadcrumbs back to the original source. That’s probably user error.

Heck yeh its sushi hungry caterpillar. Heck yeh Anna The Red wins at life.

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