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September 3, 2010

For the Win Friday

I am incredibly tired, so instead of whining lets fastforward to the awesome.

Banksy For the fucking win!

source: Treehugger

hippo brand ice blocks … maybe?

The Japanese are so much fun.

source: pkoceres

A dancing dog. It’s pretty incredible. Thanks to MrSunglasses (which is the way i think of girlsavage‘s husband, for no apparent reason. He doesn’t know this. ).

Then there is this really fun “extreme” artist.

source: Li Wei

A pretty tutorial on how to make roses from maple leaves (in Russian, but you’ll figure it out).

source: someone who speaks Russian?

So, you should search safari on flickr some time. Case in point:

Meadow of Life

source: Ben Heine


Rainbow Elephant

source: John Dalkin


We love you !

source: Michael Poliza

Impressed that I made my point without using hippos? Yeh, me too.

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