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August 27, 2010

FTW Friday

Not so many finds this week, since my nose is back to the grind stone, and I am vetting most of my hippo finds to hippopotalust.

Except this, this I gotta share.

omg right?

source: automotto

This amazing photograph. Actually, the whole site is full of amazing, alibeit, very photoshopy look photos. Still, it’s worth checking out

source: Stuck in Customs

These”lights” which i find completely ingenious!

And this house, which I want to live in

source: black eiffel

And this video, which ties so nicely into the past two weeks posts.

Finally, and I can’t believe how long I have been sitting on this without sharing.

goats in argan tree

In Morocco, goats grow on trees. Okay, not quite, but google image Argan tree.  Pretty much the best thing ever!

source: Lottelies

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