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August 20, 2010

For the Win Friday

So, I said I would work on getting other posts on here last week. Clearly I failed. I had something planned too, but I pussied out because I was tired. Pathetic eh.

But I have pretties for you!

On the back end of last weeks theme food/ hungry caterpillar/bento, how could I resist?

The hungry Caterpillar

source: luckysundae

Well, lets be honest, I’m probably not going to wander too far from cute food and bright colours. Take for example, this AMAZING rainbow cake

source: Whisk Kid

Which comes with a fan video!

Or this Big Gay Ice Cream Truck (fuck yeah!). The names for the cones are equally awesome.

source: Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

Or, this cute little teapot cookie (my teapot obsession is slightly less loud than the hippo one)

source: sweetopia*

Or how about some 300+ year old sushi?

source: wiki

And frankly, there will always be hippos.



source: _ltwp


source: Telus


source: Indie Bliss Terrarium Tutorial


source: National Geographics

I thought I also had a hippo blog to share with you. But the person writing that blog apparently thinks dead hippos are funny, and posted a rhino as a hippo. Clearly not a true hippophile.

The good news is, I created my own tumblr, hippopoalust, where I can post hippos to my hearts content, and my FTWFridays won’t be so saturated. If you enjoy the saturation, you should come over to the hippo side – and rest assured I will not confuse hippos with rhinos, elephants, or handbags.

And now for something I hope you’ll really enjoy

source: unknown (I wish people on tumblr wouldn’t do that)

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