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August 13, 2010

For the Win Friday

I should probably start writing some other posts between these “look what i found on the internets” posts huh? I’ll work on that. But until then, I have lots of lovelies for you this week.

Lets start with this gorgeous Bougainvillea bonsai! Isn’t it the sweetest?

source: The Home Depot

I also did a little back to school poking around, and found these fun sanwhich cutters (the website is full of fun food items, which excites me even if it does nothing for you).

source: The Spoon Sisters

And this epic pen! 7 years! I have been trying to figure out if it is too fat for me to write with (because i am really anal about these things). I think I am going to give it a spin though – because I am also really anal about using the same pen for a subject/ exam and I have my professional exam coming up soon and want to study with just 1 pen.I have issues, I know.

Also, it has a fork on the clip part. Win!

source: Seltzer Goods

My friend Tina coloured this epic unicorn. Naturally I countered with a Black Gay Jesus loves you more unicorn. It’s all good. BGJ only loves you when you sparkle, Satan is for the rest of the time.

Cornify unicorn and rainbow happiness

source:  Cornify

Another rainbow friend, stoopidgerl, introduced me to My Food Looks Funny. I don’t even know what to pic from this blog because I was mind blown by every other post. I’ll try to limit myself to three.

I literally gasp every time i log on to this site. It is probably going to be a regular feature on FTWF. Oh just one more!

source: My Food Looks Funny

Through this blog I found these amazing flags made of the foods the countries are reknown for!

source: TrendLand

I also found Anna the Red, who is the QUEEN!!! of Bento!

Bento #33: Calvin & Hobbes Bento!

source: Anna the Red

While we are on childhood favorites, TeeFury‘s shirt of the day for Thursday was this:

source: Zomboy on TeeFury

Which made me nostalgic and I ended up discovering this…

source: Store51

And this!!

source: Larry W Russel

For the Win, Eric Carle. For the Win!

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