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August 6, 2010

For The Win Friday

I know I know, I missed last Friday. I was going to do it at the airport… but I didn’t. I have no excuse ;)
And you’d think I would have a bunch of stuff this week as a consequence, but I really don’t. So it’s probably a good thing I was a bad bad blogger last week.

I adore this shirt, but I am having a hard time justifying paying more for shipping that the cost of the shirt. It’s a psychological thing. Let that be a lesson to you online sellers. If the shirt was 12 and the shipping was 4, I’d have bought it by now.

source: Vintage Vantage

This gorgeous photograph. Might I suggest, if you are ever feeling down, doing a search for dandelions on flickr will be a sure way to cheer you up.

dandelions in dandelions

source: Steve Took It

I love writing with a regular old graphite pencil. So this pencil sharpener made my day.

source: Ladybirdart

This one I spotted in person, on the Corner of Columbus and Broadway in San Francisco. So exciting to stumble on a Banksy!

The Uniform Project has released a new Little Black Dress. Better yet, they have also released the pattern, which ou can buy with or without their specially made fabric. Love it!

source: The Uniform Project

From last week, I have this gorgeous video…

source: Jean-Sebastien Monzani

And this mind boggling bread artist…

source: ITN

I’ll post a little something etra later… to make up for the lack of posts last week.

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