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July 23, 2010

For the Win Friday

It has been kind of quiet around here since I finished the Rainbow Collection. So lets make some noise.

It’s nice to know that parent’s are checking their children’s homework before sending it to unsuspecting teachers.

source: fail blog

Passionflowers are one of the most beautiful of all the blooms. Add bees, and you have a pretty amazing flickr search.

Bee on Passion Flower
source: akabilk on flickr

BLU, the king of stop animation, has just realeased a new, epic, wall animation. If you do one thing today, take 10 minutes to watch this. Thanks to Diane of Cutesy but not Cutesy for the heads up!

source: BLU

While chatting with Carrie Viohl about serious things, I interrupted the conversation, because I suddenly remembered the most epic of consumer products on the planet.

source: The Wand Company

And most importantly, I discovered Karen Paolillo, and the Turgwe Hippo Trust… I can adopt a Hippo! I am sure the person who needs to be reading this isn’t… But THIS is what I want for my birthday!

source: Turgwe Hippo Trust

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