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July 16, 2010

For The Win Friday

Let’s see if i can get wordpress to agree with paragraph alignment this week!

This was a early-in-the-week-find. And by find, I mean someone on twitter linked to it. And by early-in-the-week, I mean it was too long ago for me to remember who it was.


So, apparently there is this island off the coast of Mexico, and its covered in dismembered dolls. This pic is kind of hilarious, but don’t be fooled, this place is one creepy arse doll cemetery.

I was poking around the links on the sidebar of Questionable Content (arguably my favourite webcomic – at the very least one I have been keeping up with for four years, which is impressive for anything on the internet) and evietibly had to click the link to my love-it-but-never-remember-to-read-it webcomic A Softer World.  There I did some more poking around with thier random archive button, and imagine my surprise when my all time favourite webcomic strip popped up.


Some further poking around took me to another webcomic whihc I hadn’t read before: Anders Loves Maria. I found the story incredibly poignant for a webcomic (the story is complete, and is no longer updated). I don’t know if you will find it as moving, but if you want to give it a read (I read it all in 3 days of on-again-off-again browsing) start at the very beginning.


It is also really fun to follow the progression of the writters artistic talent when you follow webcomics. I’m just sayin’.

Talking of art. I was browsing nudes on etsy, trying to find this apparent spread-eagled-pussy-hanging-out image that keeps poping up on peoples screens when they have toddlers in thier lap or are at work (yeh, can’t find it), and I found this awesome photo that for a second fooled me into thinking “why is this listed under female nude”.


And just in case you thought this blog was turning into a classy act… here’s a hilarious shirt!

source unknown
(it was linked on a forum which showed up on a google image search
for something completely unrelated to dickheads or tshirts)

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