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June 29, 2010

Rainbow Collection : Ravishing Reds

In case you didn’t guess, or chose not to wade through yesterdays mailing list onslaught, the Rainbow Collection is more than just the magnificent members that span the spectrum.

Seriously… I love them.

Sorry, I just can't get enough!

But enough about that. What I was really wanting to write about was the Ravishing Reds.

These Reds are Roasting

These Reds are Roasting

Over the next three days I will be highlight my shades of rouge, which will include two, never listed on line, brand spanking new pricks.

And it started today with the Raunchy Cranberry Relish.

To find out more about this treat that will have you giving thanks, click his pretty little head and shoot on over to his product page.

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The Rainbow Collection | home | Rainbow Collection : Ravishing Reds